Our Leadership

Freedom House is led by David J. Kramer, the organization's president. The daily work of the organization is conducted by its approximately 150 staff members in Washington, New York, and field offices around the world.

The organization's Board of Trustees, which includes Democrats, Republicans and Independents, is composed of a mix of business and labor leaders, former senior government officials, scholars and journalists who agree that the promotion of democracy and human rights abroad is vital to America's interests abroad and to international peace.

Board of Trustees


Kenneth I. Juster, Chair
Charles Davidson, Co-Vice Chair
D. Jeffrey HirschbergCo-Vice Chair
James H. CarterSecretary and Governance & Ethics Officer
David Nastro, Treasurer
Bette Bao Lord, Chair Emeritus

Carol C. Adelman
Kenneth Adelman
Zainab Al-Suwaij
Goli Ameri
Peter Bass
Stephen E. Biegun
David E. Birenbaum
Ellen Blackler
Dennis C. Blair
Kim G. Davis
Thomas A. Dine
Paula J. Dobriansky
Eileen C. Donahoe
James C. Duff
Alan P. Dye
Alison B. Fortier
Susan Ginsburg
Rebecca G. Haile
Kathryn Dickey Karol
Jim Kolbe
Jay Mazur
Walter Russell Mead
Theodore N. Mirvis
Alberto Mora
John Norton Moore
Faith Morningstar​
Joshua Muravchik
Andrew Nathan
Diana Villiers Negroponte
Douglas E. Schoen
Faryar Shirzad
Scott Siff
William H. Taft IV
Ruth Wedgwood
Olin Wethington
Wendell Willkie II
Jennifer L. Windsor