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Sanctions will strengthen Putin's regional clout, explains Nate Schenkkan in an op-ed for Foreign Affairs.

The problem with “accommodating” Russia in Ukraine is that Vladimir Putin’s goal is sowing chaos as part of a plan to hold on to power in the Kremlin. Click here to read David J. Kramer's American Interest op-ed.


Photo Credit: Mehman Huseynov

U.S. policy on democracy support, especially during the Obama administration, has been largely reactive. We seem to be constantly playing (and mostly losing) a giant game of Whac-a-Mole. Click here to read Daniel Calingaert's American Interest op-ed.


"Stronger African democracies mean more developed, knowledge-based African economies, which are better for American business interests in the long run" write Daniel Calingaert and Kellen McClure. Read their Global Post op-ed here.

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