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Support Activists in Ukraine

The citizens of Ukraine are fighting a courageous battle for their rights, standing up to armed riot police and a corrupt regime. Since the government began launching strikes on February 18, dozens have been killed on both sides. Among the injured are at least 40 journalists, one of whom was killed by government-sponsored thugs hired to attack and intimidate journalists and protesters.

Freedom House is helping journalists and activists in the midst of the protests in Kiev and other cities in Ukraine, as well as those who have had to seek protection elsewhere. We facilitate visas and life-saving medical care for activists forced to flee and provide protective goggles, helmets, and vests for journalists.

More support, including yours, is urgently needed to ensure that Ukrainian citizens struggling for their freedom are protected and supported. Your donation to Freedom House will allow us to provide emergency help to activists and journalists in Ukraine who are risking their lives to defend their rights in the face of targeted violence against them. Please give today.


If you live outside the U.S. please click below to donate via paypal:




What Your Donation Provides:

$25 purchases 4 helmets for journalists reporting on the demonstrations and clashes

$50 provides 10 masks so that journalists can protect themselves from teargas and Molotov cocktails

$100 covers a one-day supply of food and water for 10 activists

$250 purchases 5 sets of protective gear to protect journalists from police abuse

$500 provides medical expenses for one person with moderate injuries

$1,000 covers legal fees for a lawyer to defend an illegally arrested and/or assaulted activist

$2,000 gives one month of support to the family of an individual who has been arrested, assaulted, or killed


Mail your check to:

Freedom House Development Office
1301 Connecticut Ave NW
Washington, DC 20036


For more information please contact us at [email protected] or 202-296-5101.

Our EIN number is 13-1656647.

Freedom House is a proud CFC participant; our Charity Number is 11533.

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Photo Credit: Maxim Trebukhov

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