1/2 Revolution: Egyptian revolution an awakening for the people

1/2 Revolution," a new documentary that follows a group of friends in central Cairo as they document the early days of the Egyptian revolution, provides an extraordinary illustration of the chaos, fear and uncertainty Egyptians faced in the days before Mubarak's ouster. Despite the turmoil, it also shows the beginning of a movement that brought Egyptians of all creeds and colors together for a singular purpose - freedom from tyranny.

On October 25, Freedom House co-hosted a screening of the film followed by a Q & A discussion with several Egypt experts. The discussion underscored that while progress in Egypt has not entirely met the expectations of the citizens, the revolution has set a precedent in which Egyptians will no longer allow their lives to be dictated by the government and believe that they will have a voice in determining the future of Egypt.

Participants in the discussion included Egyptian actor and activist Khaled Abol Naga, Freedom House's Nancy Okail and Courtney Radsch, Lila Jaafar from the National Democratic Institute, Abigail Maravalli from American University's Center for Social Media and Mohammed Elmenshawy from the Middle East Institute.

To watch the film trailer, click here.
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