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Authoritarian Regimes Conceal Repression with Anti-Extremism Laws

Repressive regimes are increasingly resorting to anti-extremism laws to crack down on political dissidents and minorities, said participants at a roundtable on Anti-Extremism Laws in Russia, Pakistan, China, and Tajikistan hosted by Freedom House and the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom. Because the definitions of extremism and terrorism in these four countries are remarkably vague, governments are able to utilize the laws to suppress opposition under the guise of legality.

Susan Corke and David Kramer highlight Putin's abuse of anti-extremism laws in their article "Russians Are Afraid," stating that “Ivan Moseyev was charged earlier this week with treason by Moscow for allegedly destabilizing the frozen Arkhangelsk region through his studies of an ancient people who had ties to Norway.”

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