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China Media Bulletin: Now Published in Chinese and English


《中國媒體快報》:現以中英文兩種語言出版 (Traditional Chinese)
《中国媒体快报》:现以中英文两种语言出版 (Simplified Chinese)

Freedom House’s monthly China Media Bulletin is now being published in both Chinese and English. The China Media Bulletin focuses on press and internet freedom issues related to the People’s Republic of China. 

“At a time when the Communist Party’s censorship is expanding within and beyond China, we hope this initiative will add Chinese-speaking audiences to a global conversation about ever-evolving censorship and propaganda tactics,” said Sarah Cook, senior research analyst and director of the CMB. “The China Media Bulletin can look through the veil of secrecy surrounding government censorship and highlight creative citizen responses, enabling policymakers, activists, journalists, and news consumers to better understand and counter limits on the free flow of information.”
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Read the August issue of the China Media Bulletin in English:
Web  |  PDF

Read the China Media Bulletin in Traditional Chinese:
Web |  PDF

Read the China Media Bulletin in Simplified Chinese:
Web |  PDF

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