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China’s “Anti-Terrorism” Law Further Restricts Rights


Following approval of sweeping "anti-terrorism" legislation by China’s National People’s Congress, Freedom House issued the following statement:

“The anti-terrorism law is another attempt by China to limit free expression and dissent under the guise of anti-terrorism efforts,” said Mark P. Lagon, president. “The new law expands the government’s already extensive powers to monitor peaceful citizens, tightens censorship, and gives officials greater legal cover to jail journalists, activists, and ethnic and religious minorities. It highlights the worsening repression under President Xi Jinping and violates the fundamental rights of the Chinese people.”
China’s new anti-terrorism law is one of several measures further limiting the conduct of individuals and companies in China. The law, which goes into effect in January, defines terrorism in the broadest possible terms, including “any proposition or activity [that] generates social panic, undermines public security, infringes on personal and property rights, [or] menaces government organs and international organizations." It requires technology firms and Internet providers to share technical information with the government and help with decryption. It also further restricts journalists' ability to report on terror attacks.

China is rated Not Free in Freedom of the World 2015Freedom of the Press 2015, and Freedom on the Net 2015.

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