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Civil Society Under Assault

“People do want to live in freedom and dignity... in the long run, with or without outside help, they will prevail," stated Washington Post Editorial Page Editor Fred Hiatt in a keynote address to the conference on “Civil Society Under Assault” co-hosted by Freedom House and Human Rights First. The event brought together international human rights activists and members of civil society, government officials, and experts to explore ways to curb the global crackdown against civil society. UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights Defenders Ms. Margaret Sekaggya stressed the need to press governments to live up to their international human rights commitments. Former Director of National Intelligence and Freedom House Trustee Admiral Dennis Blair argued that the spread of democracy and human rights is essential to security. “We have to push back against these savy dictators,” stated Blair.

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Watch video from the event below:

Defending the Freedom of Association

PANEL 2: The View from the Ground on the Crackdown on Civil Society

To read Fred Hiatt's remarks, click here.


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