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Costa Rica: Vice Presidential Candidate Targets LGBT Persons


In response to vice presidential candidate Francisco Prendas of Costa Rica’s National Restoration Party (NRP) promising that an NRP-led government would work to exclude LGBT persons from senior government positions, Freedom House issued the following statement:

“The homophobic campaign promises on behalf of the NRP represent a potentially dramatic change for Costa Rica, from a place of safety for LGBT persons to a potentially hostile environment,” said Carlos Ponce, director of Latin America programs at Freedom House. “The country’s leading political parties and their national candidates should disavow discriminatory policies, pledge to abide by the recent Inter-American Human Rights Court ruling in favor of honoring same-sex marriages, and thus preserve Costa Rica’s standing as a democracy, one that continues to respect the rights of its LGBT citizens.”


In 2016, Costa Rica asked the Inter-American Court of Human Rights to rule on the property rights of same-sex couples, and the right to change legal documents to reflect one’s name and gender identity. In 2017, the court ruled that governments have an obligation to extend property rights to same-sex couples, and that transgender citizens had a right to change their name on identity documents. The Costa Rican government agreed to comply with the rulings.

Read remarks by the NRP’s Francisco Prendas about LGBT officials serving in the government of Costa Rica:

 Costa Rica is rated Free in Freedom in the World 2018 and Free in Freedom of the Press 2017.

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