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The Democracy Bureaucracy

The American Interest, by Thomas O. Melia

To :       Secretary Rice
From :    Thomas O. Melia
Re :       The Democracy Bureaucracy
Date :    June 1, 2006

With his second Inaugural Address, President Bush elevated the longstanding American interest in the spread of democracy into the preeminent goal of U.S. foreign policy. In doing so he has subsumed the Global War on Terror within a larger and more forward-looking doctrine, transforming the shorthand "GWOT" from a Global War on Terror to a more ennobling Global War on Tyranny.

This memo deacribes the array of American assets in this effort; briefly distills several issues that impede policy implementation; and recommends you establish a "grand bargain" with the Congress, DoD and other Executive branch agencies, as well as with key actors in the non-govemental community, to reconfigure the "democracy bureaucracy" to better translate the President's vision into reality.

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