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Democracy in Retreat


To what extent has China’s influence had a corrosive effect on governance among its neighbors? What can democratic countries do to counter recent anti-democratic trends? Joshua Kurlantzick, fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, tackled these questions at a discussion hosted by Freedom House on his new book, Democracy in Retreat. Recent events, such as the 2008 financial crisis, the lack of economic growth in new democracies, and China’s shocking ability to “defy all predictions of slowdown and collapse,” have caused many to lose faith in democracy, argued Kurlantzick in a discussion with Freedom House Vice President of Research Arch Puddington. In order to curb democratic decline, emerging powers that hold sway in their respective regions, such as Brazil, South Africa, and Turkey, need to "be at the forefront of democracy advocacy in the 21st century," stated Kurzlantzick.
View photos of the event here.

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