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Egypt Lurches Away from the Democratic Path

Egypt has failed to show democratic progress in any aspect of its political transition for the third consecutive month since the July 3 coup, according to Freedom House’s Egypt Democracy Compass.

Although there was no repeat in September of the bloody police crackdowns that killed hundreds of Islamist protesters in August, the authorities continued to arrest and detain Muslim Brotherhood leaders, and a court ruling formally banned the organization on September 23. The military-backed government also moved to impose state control on Muslim preachers and suppressed media that questioned its actions or seemed to side with ousted president Mohamed Morsi. Of the eight democratic indicators tracked by the Egypt Democracy Compass, five were rated as stalled for September, and three were found to be backsliding.

“Egypt’s leaders claim to be steering the country on a path to democracy, but so far there is no evidence of this,” said Vanessa Tucker, vice president for analysis at Freedom House. “In fact, they seem to be headed in the opposite direction.”

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