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Freedom House invites you to participate in a YouTube debate about the future of freedom of expression online ahead of important talks on internet governance in the United States.

Representatives from the U.S. government, technology companies and nonprofit organizations will meet in Washington October 2 to attend the Internet Governance Forum-USA. The forum provides an opportunity to examine issues that affect the internet in the United States and to prepare for the Internet Governance Forum in Egypt in November. The global body is a United-Nations supported forum that has met annually since 2006.

For the first time, the U.S. meeting will feature a workshop on freedom of expression issues that will examine how Web 2.0 tools such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube could affect freedom of expression and human rights worldwide. Robert Guerra, director of Freedom House's internet freedom project, is one of the featured panelists.
Freedom House invites you to view the debate on YouTube and send your comments on the following questions via video or text: 

• How do you see Web 2.0 in terms of expanding free expression and promoting human rights?
• What are the emerging threats to free expression and human rights in Web 2.0?
• Will emerging technologies threaten or enhance freedom of expression?
• Should the rights, values and freedoms that Americans enjoy be promoted internationally?
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