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Freedom House Encourages Multi-Party Dialogue in Guinea

As political tensions rise in Guinea following parliamentary elections on September 28, Freedom House calls for a meaningful and constructive dialogue among all political parties. Without full participation in this dialogue, Guinea risks further democratic decline in an already fragile country.

Long delayed parliamentary elections offered the potential to complete Guinea’s transition to civilian rule since the 2008 coup d’état, with two main political coalitions competing for a total of 114 seats. While logistical and technical issues were reported by international observers, the citizens of Guinea demonstrated a commitment to achieving full civilian rule, with a voting participation rate of approximately 80 percent, one of the highest in Guinean electoral history.

Two weeks after the vote, however, election results have yet to be released, and the delays are becoming a source of rising tension in the country. Compounding this, the opposition party has accused President Alpha Condé’s ruling party of vote-rigging, pulled their delegation from the vote-counting center hosted at the National Independent Electoral Commission (CENI), withdrawn from UN-facilitated dialogues, and called for a complete annulment of the election results.

“The parliamentary vacuum has both compromised democracy in Guinea and slowed the much-needed national reconciliation process begun after the 2008 coup d’état,” said Vukasin Petrovic, director of Africa programs at Freedom House. “Elections have taken place, and now is the time to swiftly resolve political disputes in order to ensure peace and move Guinea forward towards democratic consolidation.”

To keep Guinea on the path to democracy, Freedom House calls on all parties to remain peaceful while awaiting the release of results and to participate in the democratic process going forward. 

Guinea is rated Partly Free in Freedom of the World 2013 and Not Free in Freedom of the Press 2013.

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