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Freedom House Expresses Gratitude

Washington, DC

Freedom House would like to extend our deepest gratitude to the many people and organizations who have called and emailed messages of support during this period of national crisis. We especially thank those individuals and organizations from outside the United States who sent Freedom House expressions of concern and encouragement. We have worked with many of you in the building of democracy in former dictatorships, and we look forward to future collaboration as we join in the struggle against new and terrible threats to freedom.

Freedom House is open and operating at full strength. Our New York office, which is located on Wall Street and was therefore closed following the World Trade Center disaster, reopened today, September 17, and the staff there is hard at work preparing the next Freedom in the World survey and other research projects.

Freedom House is appalled and deeply saddened at this horrible act. Although the United States was the immediate target, the terrorist assault was also a blow aimed at democracy and an open society.

Freedom House was established sixty years ago for the purpose of mobilizing support for the war against fascism. Just as we did at that time, we today give our full and unstinting support to the government of the United States and to the international coalition of nations that is committed to the struggle to defeat the scourge of terrorism. Freedom House believes that the conflict against fanatical perpetrators of terrorist acts must be won if democracy and liberty are to flourish.

Bill Richardson, Chairman
Adrian Karatnycky, President
Jennifer Windsor, Executive Director

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