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Freedom House IGF Incubator Project: Final Competition in Baku, Azerbaijan


November 1, 2012

CONTACT: Gigi Alford, Freedom House, [email protected],  1- 202-247-7670

(Baku, Azerbaijan) — On November 5, 2012, Freedom House will select the winners of its Internet Governance Forum (IGF) Incubator Project, a competition to fund Internet freedom initiatives around the world, in Baku, Azerbaijan. Seven presenters will pitch their innovative project ideas to a panel of judges at a public event, and on November 10, the judges will select at least two projects to receive $15,000 each in funding.

Finalists include activists, academics and civil society leaders from Uganda, Burma, Syria, Azerbaijan, Sudan, Poland, Belarus, Egypt and Tunisia.

What: The final presentations and selection of winners of the IGF Incubator project, a global competition for innovative Internet freedom initiatives.
Who: Open to Press & the Public

Friday, November 2, 2012
2:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.


Baku Expo Center         
Conference Room #10

Contact: No RSVP is required for media planning to attend the event in Baku. The following project organizers are available for comment, and will be present at the event in Baku:

Gigi Alford
Program Officer, Internet Freedom
Freedom House
+1-202-247-7670 (mobile)
[email protected]

Danilo Bakovic
Program Director, Internet Freedom
Freedom House
+1-202-569-1800 (mobile)
[email protected]

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