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Freedom House Leads High-Level Delegation to Egypt


An international delegation led by Freedom House Executive Director Jennifer Windsor will arrive in Cairo on Friday to meet with Egyptian officials and civil society leaders to discuss priorities for progress in political rights and civil liberties within that strategically important country.  
The delegation, which includes Bruce George, Member of Parliament from Britain’s governing Labor Party, and Johannesburg High Court Justice Azhar Cachalia, both members of Freedom House’s International Solidarity Committee, will also participate in a workshop on a "New Social Contract in Egypt," which is expected to attract at least 100 representatives from Egyptian political parties, labor unions, nongovernmental organizations and media. 
"We look forward to continuing the frank and open discussion we have had with a number of Egyptian officials, civil society and others about the changes that need to occur in order for the citizens of Egypt to exercise fully their fundamental freedoms," said Windsor. "Egypt has been a leader in so many other respects; it should also be leading the region in making progress towards universally accepted human rights."  
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