Freedom House's Nations in Transit Seeks Analytical Briefs on Macedonia and the EU

Freedom House’s Nations in Transit seeks proposals from scholars, researchers and think tanks based in any country for forward-looking briefs on the following themes. The briefs will be published by Freedom House, with the byline and affiliation of the scholar or researcher. An honorarium of $300 per brief is provided.

Theme 1: Freeing the Captured State in Macedonia

The formation of a new government in June 2017 put an end to Macedonia’s long-running crisis. The new SDSM-led government still faces enormous challenges, however, to undo the state capture achieved during preceding governments. This brief will examine how state capture can and should be unraveled in Macedonia in the current window of opportunity. Authors are encouraged to draw parallels with other European contexts where the problem of liberating a captured state is being confronted, such as Hungary, Moldova, or Ukraine. Why is Macedonia different, or why could it be?

Theme 2: The Changing Geometry of the EU’s East

Differences over migration, labor mobility, and rule of law are driving an increasingly bitter divide between certain eastern member states on the one hand, and European Commission officials and key member state leaders on the other. At the same time, the threat of a “multi-speed” Europe for newer member states is forcing Poland and Hungary’s putative allies within the Visegrad Four and in other, even less formal alignments to rethink their cooperation. How will individual eastern member states rebalance their relations among themselves and with the EU’s major powers in light of this changing environment? The brief will analyze shifting political dynamics among the EU’s eastern member states and present future scenarios for their development.


Please submit concept proposals to Nations in Transit Project Director Nate Schenkkan at [email protected] by October 7, 2017. The concept proposal should consist of a short summary of the argument, and a CV of the principal researcher or researchers. Contracted researchers will be asked to deliver a draft of 2500-3000 words by a date agreed with Freedom House. Organizations and researchers may submit more than one concept.


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