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Fulfilling Indonesia’s Democratic Promise

The Jakarta Post

By Sarah Repucci, Project Director, Freedom in the World

The election of President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo reinforced Indonesia’s democratic credentials while serving as further proof that democracy remains vibrant outside of the global north.

While Indonesia continues to face internal challenges that obstruct the ability of all of its citizens to exercise their full rights, a new study from NGO Freedom House has found the country to be a potential example for its ASEAN neighbors and others across the globe that are struggling to make a transition from authoritarian rule.

However, the extent to which President Jokowi will continue his predecessor’s notable support for democratic development in other countries remains in doubt; he has not yet articulated strong interest in democracy promotion as part of his policy agenda.

As an emerging regional power, Indonesia should seize the opportunity to expand its leadership in support of democracy and human rights abroad.

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