Gozaar Examines Armed Gangs, Youth Movement's Future in Iran


Iranian authors offer perspectives on the political standoff in their country in the latest edition of Gozaar, Freedom House's online forum on human rights and democracy in Iran.

Writer and physician Massoud Noghrekar examines the history of the "plainclothes men;" quasi-military groups that the Iranian regime is using to terrorize dissidents. Author Erfan Mohammadi describes the re-emergence of these gangs following Iran's disputed presidential election and their recent activities, including a reported attack on a dormitory at the University of Tehran on June 14.

Majid Mohammadi, a correspondent at Radio France Internationale and an adjunct professor at Binghamton University, compares Iran's Green Movement with other social movements and recommends six strategies that the demonstrators should employ to resist Iran's totalitarian leaders.

Iran is ranked Not Free in the 2009 edition of Freedom in the World, Freedom House's annual survey of political rights and civil liberties, and Not Free in the 2009 version of Freedom of the Press.
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