Kazakh Government Escalates Repression of Media and Opposition

Freedom House condemns the lawsuits filed by the General Prosecutor's office in Kazakhstan against media outlets K+, Respublika, StanTV, and Vzglyad, as well as the opposition political parties Alga and the Popular Front and is increasingly concerned about the state of freedom of expression and association in the country. The lawsuits seek to have these outlets and parties recognized as extremist and therefore banned in Kazakhstan. As feared, this escalation of repression comes on the heels of the conviction of the opposition Alga Party leader Vladimir Kozlov, which was upheld on appeal earlier this week.

“Today is a sad day for all those who care about the future of Kazakhstan. With this action, the government of Kazakhstan has abandoned all pretenses to democratic values, pluralism of thought, and freedom of speech,” remarked Susan Corke, the director of Eurasia programs at Freedom House.

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