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New Report Finds Only 1 in 6 People Have Access to a Free Press


Press freedom has fallen to its lowest level in over a decade, according to Freedom of the Press 2013, Freedom House's annual assessment of media independence worldwide. Only one in six people live in countries with a free press. The global downturn in media freedom was punctuated by dramatic decline in Mali, deterioration in Greece, and a further tightening of controls in Latin America. Freedom of the Press Director Karin Karlekar presented the report’s findings at a May 1 press conference at the Newseum.

See the findings from Freedom of the Press 2013.

At a discussion on the Freedom of the Press findings moderated by ABC News Correspondent Reena Ninan, Dr. Karlekar noted the “worrying trends” in Turkey, which has the highest rate of imprisoned journalists in the world. Adel Iskandar of Georgetown University called improvements in Yemen the “unexpected silver lining” for the Middle East, where overall press freedom deteriorated. The country to watch in 2013 is Burma, according to Jackie Northam of National Public Radio.

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