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New Web Special: China and 60 Years of Communist Party Rule


Freedom House is featuring a new web special that examines the Communist Party's 60-year legacy in China and its ongoing assault on the basic freedoms of 1.3 billion Chinese.

China and 60 Years of Communist Party Rule looks at how the Communist Party has retained its grip on power and how it is exporting its methods of control to other authoritarian-minded regimes. The web feature includes an interactive quiz about China, a series of videos on the Communist Party and several resources that examine how authorities have cracked down on emerging threats to its authority.

China is ranked Not Free in the 2009 edition of Freedom in the World, Freedom House’s annual survey of political rights and civil liberties and in the 2009 version of Freedom of the Press. If China became a Free country, the percentage of the world’s population living in freedom would rise from 46 to 66 percent.

"China's communist leaders revel in moments like these when the world's attention is turned toward its lavish displays of power, rather than its dismal human rights record," said Jennifer Windsor, Freedom House executive director. "We must not forget that the price for this spectacle is being paid by countless political dissidents, human rights lawyers, religious adherents, journalists and other Chinese citizens who will mark this tragic anniversary behind bars or under house arrest."

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