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Press Freedom Sharply Declines in Latin America


Honduras is the third worst country for press freedom in Latin America, only rated higher than Venezuela and Cuba, according to the findings of Freedom of the Press 2013. Freedom House and the Metropolitan University of Honduras in Tegucigalpa hosted an event on May 22 to present the findings of Freedom of the Press 2013 to Latin American audiences.

Mr. Armando Enamorado, Rector of the Metropolitan University of Honduras, delivered opening remarks, followed by Aldo Romero, head of the Communications school.

Viviana Giacaman, director for Latin America programs at Freedom House, presented the key findings from this year’s study to an audience of students, local NGOs, university officials and the press. The survey showed there was a decline in press freedom throughout Latin America. Two new countries – Ecuador and Paraguay –  were downgraded to Not Free in the Freedom of the Press survey, bringing the total of Not Free countries in the region up to six.

There has been an intense debate in Honduras, which is rated Not Free, about the state of press freedom, particularly concerning the issue of violence against journalists. The media environment in Honduras declined between 2009 and 2011, as violence against journalists increased exponentially. Since 1992, only five journalists’ murders have resulted in convictions. Impunity has fueled more violence and led to increased self-censorship.

The day before the event, another journalist was attacked in Honduras when several gun shots were fired at his car.

To view the full Freedom of the Press 2013 report, click here.

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