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Q & A With Vivi Giacaman on Venezuelan Protests

Talk Radio News Service

Protest in Caracas. Photo Credit: AndresAZP / CC BY-ND 2.0

Viviana Giacaman, director of Latin American programs at Freedom House, speaks to Talk Radio News Service about the recent protests in Venezuela.

Q: How are the protests covered in the media?
TV and radio stations are not reporting on the protests. Venezuelans have to resort to social media - Twitter, YouTube, etc. One thing that is important to note is that there isn’t any democratic government in the world where the president takes a channel off the air because it’s reporting in a way he doesn’t like. This level of control over information and the way it is arbitrarily done is really a reason for concern.

Q: Why hasn't the government responded transparently?
One of the problems in Venezuela is corruption and mismanagement. In order to address these issues it requires a serious look into the way the economy is functioning. The government hasn’t taken this with the seriousness it deserves.



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