Report Finds Repression Increasing Online

Governments are increasingly employing creative new tactics to crack down on free speech and expression online, including using paid commentators to manipulate online conversations, brutal attacks against bloggers and restrictive laws regulating free speech online, according to a new Freedom House report which assesses internet freedom in 47 countries. Bahrain, Pakistan and Ethiopia showed the greatest declines in internet freedom during the last year, according to the report.

Freedom House expert Sanja Kelly was joined by Syrian activist Mohammad al-Abdallah, Google's Robert Boorstin and the Global Network Initiative's Susan Morgan in examining key trends in internet freedom at a September 24 event hosted by Google and Freedom House. Estonian president Toomas Hendrik Ilves, who joined the event via Google Plus video hangout, credited Estonia's rating at the top of the internet freedom index to its efforts to foster an environment conducive to free speech and access to information.

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See a photo slideshow of the seven countries most at risk in terms of internet freedom.
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