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Slaughter in Egypt

Freedom House is deeply disturbed by the violence in Egypt, with at least 700 reported dead and thousands injured as a result of a crackdown by Egyptian security forces against supporters of ousted Muslim Brotherhood President Mohamed Morsi. Egyptian authorities forcibly cleared a sit-in of Morsi supporters in Cairo Wednesday morning, resulting in hundreds of casualties. In response, at least 14 churches across the country were attacked and burnt by Morsi supporters; other government buildings, private property, hospitals and police stations were also attacked and set on fire. “The U.S. government should suspend military aid to Egypt immediately," said Daniel Calingaert, executive vice president at Freedom House, to "convey to the Egyptian people, and the world, that the U.S. government does not condone this slaughter.”

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Infographic of Human Rights Violations in Egypt after Mubarak.
Pattern of Abuses Continues in Egypt Despite Leadership Changes.

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