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Sudan’s Security Forces Responding with Violence to Peaceful Protests

Freedom House is deeply concerned about the Sudanese government’s continued use of excessive force against peaceful demonstrators in Sudan. On March 12, 2014, in the latest incident, government forces fired live ammunition at university students in Khartoum, highlighting the brutality of these abuses.

The violence on March 12 followed a public forum organized by the Darfur Students Association on escalating violence in South Darfur. At the conclusion of the forum, students peacefully marched to the main gate of the University of Khartoum. When students reached the gate, the National Intelligence Security Services, local police, and government-sponsored militias fired tear gas and live ammunition at the students, critically injuring seven and killing at least one person. Ali Abakar Muse, a student at the Faculty of Economics, died of a gunshot wound to the chest, according to a medical report obtained by the African Centre for Justice and Peace Studies.

Sudanese citizens experience repeated violations of fundamental freedoms and rights by their government. On March 9, 2014, the government denied a request by Sudanese women to hold an event commemorating International Women’s Day.

Freedom House condemns the use of excessive force against demonstrators, the unjust killings by the state security forces, and calls on the government of Sudan to repeal policies that limit freedom of expression and assembly.

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