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Tunisia’s New Constitution Garners Wide Support

Freedom House congratulates Tunisia on the landmark passage of its new constitution on January 26, overcoming political polarization and instability and other serious threats to democracy.

Over 90 percent of members of parliament, including members of both government and opposition parties, voted in support of the new document, which guarantees Tunisians the core political and civic freedoms fundamental to democracy, including gender equality and freedom of religion.

Because the constitution received over two-thirds support in parliament, a public referendum is not required for final approval. How the new constitution is implemented will ultimately determine its value, but Tunisians can be proud of what they have accomplished in the face of significant challenges.

In recent months, Tunisian politicians showed  a strong commitment to democratic principles by engaging in a national dialogue with all political parties, agreeing on an interim caretaker government, nominating commissioners to the country’s independent electoral board, and passing a transitional justice law.  The country now turns its focus to the introduction of the caretaker government that will govern until parliamentary elections later this year.

Tunisia is ranked Partly Free in Freedom House’s Freedom in the World report.

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