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Turkey Background Available

New York

On December 17, European Union leaders will decide whether to open membership negotiations with Turkey.

Freedom House is pleased to provide background information on Turkey's democratic performance. A report on Turkey, to be featured in Freedom House's forthcoming "Countries at the Crossroads 2005" survey, finds that genuine democratic progress has taken place as a result of a recent wave of constitutional and legal reforms. The report also highlights remaining deficiencies, especially in civil liberties, corruption, transparency, judicial reform, and media freedom, and recommends ways to improve these areas.

The report is available online.

Countries at the Crossroads is a one-of-a-kind survey that each year evaluates democratic governance in 30 key countries at a crossroads in their political future. The survey offers scholars, analysts, and officials a unique comparative tool for assessing government performance in the areas of civil liberties, rule of law, anti-corruption and transparency, and accountability and public voice.

The Countries at the Crossroads 2004 survey can be found online.

A list of the authors for the forthcoming survey is available.

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