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Turkey: Stop the Crackdown on the Press


In response to government appointing trustees to run a leading Turkish newspaper, Zaman, Freedom House issued the following statement:

“The appointment of trustees to run Zaman amounts to a government takeover of a private media outlet, and is a flagrant violation of both rule of law and freedom of the press,” said Daniel Calingaert, executive vice president. “The European Union and the United States, as Turkey’s partners and allies, should not trade Turkey’s support on migration and Syria for silence over the dismantling of democratic institutions.” 

Zaman, one of Turkey’s most widely read newspapers, is the latest major media outlet to be seized by the government.  In October, the government seized the media holdings of the holding company Koza İpek, including Bugün newspaper and TV, and the TV station Kanaltürk. 

Turkey is rated Partly Free in Freedom in the World 2016, Partly Free in Freedom on the Net 2015, and Not Free in Freedom of the Press 2015.

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