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Turkey’s “Not Free” Rating in "Freedom of the Press 2014"


Freedom House has noted complaints by the government of Turkey about Turkey being ranked “Not Free” in our report, Freedom of the Press 2014. The government’s objection that the ranking does not take into account events occurring in 2014 is misplaced, as made clear by the report.

The report evaluates events that occurred during 2013. The rating does not take into account events that occurred in Turkey since January 1, 2014. They include the government’s recent releases of journalists in the Ergenekon and KCK cases, regressive changes to Turkey’s Internet law 5651, the blocking of Twitter and YouTube, and the law increasing the powers of the National Intelligence Agency.

These and subsequent events occurring in 2014 will be evaluated in Freedom of the Press 2015.

Freedom House also notes with concern that some media outlets resorted to anti-Semitism in criticizing the report. Freedom House calls on the government of Turkey to join us in condemning the use of hate speech.

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