Uganda’s Anti-LGBTI Law Promotes Intolerance | Freedom House

Uganda’s Anti-LGBTI Law Promotes Intolerance

Freedom House joins other human rights organizations in condemning the discriminatory law Uganda president Yoweri Museveni signed February 24, imposing harsh penalties on those convicted of engaging in homosexual behavior – a measure infringing basic rights of Ugandans and creating a dangerous atmosphere of intolerance.

The Anti-Homosexuality Bill, which parliament passed in December 2013, mandates a 14-year prison sentence for a first conviction of homosexual behavior, with a lifetime sentence for repeat offenders or those convicted of “aggravated homosexuality”. It also criminalizes discussing or disseminating information on homosexuality without denouncing it. Failing to report suspected homosexual behavior to the police is also criminalized.

Freedom House urges the government of Uganda to adhere to international human rights standards and uphold the fundamental freedoms laid out in its own constitution.

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