Press release

UN: Do Not Elect States Abusing Human Rights to Human Rights Council

China, Russia, and Saudi Arabia flagrantly violate fundamental human rights and should not be elected to the UN Human Rights Council. 


Ahead of the October 28, 2016, Human Rights Council elections, Freedom House issued the following statement:

“The UN General Assembly should not elect states that abuse human rights and limit the fundamental freedoms of their citizens to the Human Rights Council – states including China, Russia, or Saudi Arabia,” said Daniel Calingaert, acting president. “Electing any of them would undermine the mission and principles of the Council. China, Russia, and Saudi Arabia flagrantly violate fundamental rights by unlawfully detaining their own citizens for dissent, and in the case of Russia and Saudi Arabia by the wanton bombing of civilians in Syria and Yemen. China in the past led blatant obstruction efforts within the Council and has targeted citizens seeking UN protection. Members of the General Assembly should vote on individual candidates on their merits – especially their promotion and protection of human rights.”