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Violence against Journalists in Brazil Persists with the Death of a Newspaper Director

On June 11, the director of the Brazilian newspaper Hora H was brutally shot 44 times by four hooded men in Nova Iguaçu, a suburb of Rio de Janeiro. Freedom House expresses deep concern over persistent violence against journalists in Brazil and encourages authorities to investigate the murder and bring the perpetrators to justice.

The murder of Jose Roberto Ornelas de Lemos is further evidence of an alarming trend of persecution and attacks against journalists in the country. Four journalists were killed in Brazil in 2012, the fourth highest number in the world. Earlier this year, a Brazilian radio journalist in Jaguaribe was gunned down after condemning the activities of local criminal groups and drug traffickers. While the motive behind Ornelas de Lemos’ assassination remains unclear, he had previously received threats related to his work, which focused on corruption and organized crime.

“Brazil continues to be one of the most dangerous places for journalists to work,” said Viviana Giacaman, director for Latin America programs at Freedom House. “Reporters continue to be under attack for reporting on issues of corruption and crime. The Brazilian government must ensure that this crime is thoroughly investigated as a sign to the international community that cases of violence against journalists are being taken seriously.”

Brazil is ranked Free in Freedom of the World 2013, Partly Free in Freedom of the Press 2013 and Free in Freedom on the Net 2012. Ornelas is the fourth journalist to be killed in Brazil this year.

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