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We Must Speak Out Against the Persecution of Baha'is in Iran


To mark the introduction into the House and Senate of resolutions to condemn the persecution of the Baha’i community in Iran, the Baha’is of the United States and Freedom House co-hosted a conference on Wednesday that featured accounts from relatives of imprisoned Baha’is. One of the participants, Hessam Rahimian, who escaped Iran in 1987, told his family's story:

In the 1980s, my uncle, Rahim Rahimian, was arrested, tortured, and executed. His crime? He was Baha’i. Two years ago, his sons, my cousins, Kayvan and Kamran Rahimian, along with Kamran’s wife, Faran Hessami, were arrested and sentenced to prison for their work in educating Baha'i youth. Kayvan is serving 5 years, and Kamran and Faran are serving 4 years; Faran is in the notorious Evin prison in Tehran, while Kamran and Kayvan are in the infamous Gohardasht prison near Karaj. Kamran and Faran’s child, as well as Kayvan’s child, have been left in the care of their elderly grandmother, whose health is failing.

See photos from the event.

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