Will Journalism Suffer After the Paris Attack? | Freedom House

Will Journalism Suffer After the Paris Attack?

Interviewee: Karin Karlekar, Project Director of Freedom of the Press, Freedom House
Interviewer: Jonathan Masters, Deputy Editor

The killing of twelve people in an attack on Charlie Hebdo, a French weekly known for satirizing Islam, has spurred an international discussion on press freedom. Despite the widespread outpouring of support for the newspaper, many worry the attack and others like it will inhibit reporting and commentary on religion. Karin Karlekar, who tracks trends in media freedom for Freedom House, a U.S.-based monitoring group, says journalists have increasingly become the target of broader assaults on democratic values and tolerance. Fear should not factor into editorial judgments, she says, but concern for safety naturally does for many media outlets. To read more, visit the Council on Foreign Relations' blog

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