Freedom at Issue:

Insights on the global struggle for democracy

April 2016

Photo by: Roman Pilipey, Kommersant

By Daniel Calingaert, Executive Vice President

Photo by the European People's Party, Flickr/Creative Commons. 

Zselyke Csaky

Despite the quiet reversal of hard-earned democratic gains in the Balkans over the last several years, the European Union accession process still seems to be stuck on autopilot.

Falun Gong practitioners Yao Gaofu and Liang Xin with their daughter during better times. According to Amnesty International, the elderly couple was detained in December 2015 when police raided their home and found boxes of printed materials related to their persecuted spiritual practice. They face potential indictment and trial in the coming weeks. Credit:Minghui.

Sarah Cook

China’s censors, secret police, and even President Xi Jinping may not be as all-powerful as they appear in the face of dedicated activists, international outcries, and the CCP’s own internal interest groups.

Freedom House president Mark P. Lagon delivered the following remarks at an April 6 event on emerging markets and the rule of law, cohosted by Freedom House and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Hungary’s national flag raised in Budapest, commemorating the 1848-49 Hungarian Revolution, followed by an official military salute. Photo : Gregory Botár / 

Tyler Roylance

Some political leaders and many citizens seem ready to reject the institutions and relationships that have bound the world together for decades. The result would be a lawless era of feuding nationalisms.