Freedom at Issue:

Insights on the global struggle for democracy

November 2016

P.W. Botha

P.W. Botha. Credit: Sasa Kralj/Associated Press.

Paul Graham

The current government is returning to views on national sovereignty and “rule by law” that were once endorsed by the apartheid-era regime.

Joshua Wong. Photo Credit: Ring Ng (2014).

Hong Kong democracy activist Joshua Wong makes the case for self-determination and explains why the territory’s fate should matter to the world.

Jacob Zuma (Credit: GovernmentZA). 

David Lindgren

There remains little time for parties like the ANC to preserve their social justice legacies from continued abuse from top party leadership. 

Igor Dodon, the President-elect of Moldova and leader of the Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova. 


In the post-election environment, it is more important than ever that Moldova demonstrate its commitment to uphold freedom of expression.

lincoln memorial democracy symbol

The Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. (Wikimedia Commons).

Tyler Roylance

As democratic political systems absorb the shocks of social and economic change, authoritarian powers must confront similar pressures with far less flexibility.

United States President-Elect Donald Trump. 

Nate Schenkkan

Russia will test the new administration’s commitment to protecting its democratic allies.

This new four-page weekly insert by the Chinese state media outlet Yunnan Daily in India's 152-year-old Daily Pioneer is one of many recent examples of Chinese propaganda and censorship extending beyond China's borders.

Sarah Cook

Private citizens and nongovernmental institutions are playing a growing role in advancing Beijing’s agenda.

Credit: David Stanley. 

Annie Wilcox Boyajian

When Congress adjourned in September, it had failed to vote on resolutions on Ethiopia. When Congress returns, it should pass them without delay.