Freedom at Issue:

Insights on the global struggle for democracy

Unilever advertisement in Côte-d'Ivoire. Credit: Abdallahh (Flickr/Creative Commons). 

Multinationals have a lot to gain from partnerships with civil society groups, and a lot to lose if activists are not allowed to do their work.

Paul Manafort. Credit: StockNews USA. 

Arch Puddington

Trump’s campaign chairman is under the microscope for his dealings in Ukraine, but he is part of a much larger consulting industry that serves the interests of autocrats. 

Honorable Chief Justice Dr. Willy Mutunga. Credit: Ford Foundation. 

Kate Byom

The current selection process will determine the strength and independence of the judiciary as the country prepares for highly contested elections in 2017.

south africa president jacob zuma

Jacob Zuma. Credit: GovernmentZA. 

Arch Puddington

As politicians around the world chip away at democratic institutions, South Africa’s recent elections show that ordinary voters can still help put their countries back on course.

Credit: Daniel Coomber. (Flickr/Creative Commons). 

The Olympic games are increasingly becoming synonymous with financial mismanagement, autocracy, and the systematic violation of human rights.

Bret Nelson

Democratic conditions usually remain worse long after the troops have returned to their barracks. 

A controversial cartoon shared on Twitter using the hashtag #ThisFlag. Credit:, Findlay. 

Economic crisis has again driven citizens to the streets. But with factional strife dividing the old power structure, achieving genuine change will require a shrewd political strategy.

The two-week occupation of a police station that ended on Sunday drew unexpected public support, raising questions about the country’s future stability.

Former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi Credit: BRQ Network. 

Tyler Roylance

Hungary’s Viktor Orbán is not alone in his belief that democracy promotion is a cause of, rather than a solution to, the problem of unchecked migration.

Zambia's President Edgar Chagwa Lungu. Credit: UN Women. 

Lynn Fredriksson

Greater international attention could help deter vote rigging and repression in this typically stable country.