Freedom at Issue:

Insights on the global struggle for democracy

ⓒ Zselyke Csaky

The largely unreformed media sector has contributed to the new government’s recent difficulties.

Street Protest in Oslo

Street Protest, Oslo, July 2018 © Flickr

China’s oppression of Muslims is cracking its de facto immunity from international criticism on human rights issues.

Montenegrin president Milo Djukanović. Photo credit:  

Journalists face violence from criminal groups and pressure from an entrenched political leadership.

Nicaragua arrests

Nicaraguan police present captured "terrorists."

The regime has used deadly violence, but it’s the protesters who are punished as terrorists.

Nicaragua arrests

La policía nicaragüense presenta "terroristas" capturados.

El régimen ha usado violencia letal  contra el pueblo nicaragüense, pero son los manifestantes  quienes son castigados como terroristas. 

Leader of the Sweden Democrats Jimmie Åkesson. Credit: Per Pettersson, Flickr/Creative Commons.

Sheri Berman of Columbia University explains the background and implications of the election results.

Unlike authoritarian-minded counterparts in the region, Romanian leaders are perverting justice mainly to save their own skins.

Observation mission of the local elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina 2016

Sandro Weltin/©Council of Europe

Media polarization both reflects and exacerbates the country’s political and ethnic divides.

A review of the forces at work in Crimea, and why the international community must keep up its pressure on Moscow.

Attorney General of the United States Jeff Sessions. 

American democracy still suffers from some of the rifts that opened five decades ago.