Freedom at Issue:

Insights on the global struggle for democracy

A new law backed by the conservative government will impose harsh fines on protesters and limit media coverage of police activity. 

Annie Wilcox Boyajian
Sarah Cook

The upcoming U.S.-China dialogue in Washington must address the effects of growing political repression in China on the core interests of both countries. 

Sarah Cook

The prosecution of human rights attorney Pu Zhiqiang could have negative repercussions for his family, his clients and colleagues, the broader rights of Chinese citizens, and the legitimacy of the current regime.

Kellen McClure

This week African leaders gather in Johannesburg for the 25th African Union Summit, where they will discuss a range of topics, from ongoing conflicts to trade.

Tamara Grigoryeva

As economic growth declines and repression worsens, the regime is struggling to maintain its illusion of success and prosperity.

The Obama administration has made the Asia-Pacific region a focus of its foreign policy, but what role does democracy play in U.S. relations with these important countries? 

Mark P. Lagon

The Trans Pacific Partnership can be good for both economic and political freedom, writes Freedom House President Mark P. Lagon. 

Arch Puddington
Jennifer Dunham

In a time of seemingly unlimited access to information and new methods of content delivery, more and more areas of the world are becoming virtually inaccessible to journalists. 

Cyrus Rassool

The net neutrality debate that captured the attention of internet users in the United States and turned them into digital advocates has now reached the world’s largest democracy. 

Nate Schenkkan

The shape of the constitutional system and the fate of the Kurdish peace process both hinge on the ability of one party to clear the 10 percent threshold in Sunday’s parliamentary elections.