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Freedom at Issue:

Insights on the global struggle for democracy

Democracies are no longer immune to the virus of the authoritarian state.

romania protest corruption law amendment

Protesters shout slogans during a demonstration in front of government offices in Bucharest [George Calin/Inquam Photos via Reuters].

Freedom House president Michael J. Abramowitz lays out our belief that it is in America’s interest to help defend the safety and freedom of others.

Governments that choose the path of media repression often pass by familiar landmarks as they descend into authoritarian rule.

The latest findings of the Freedom of the Press report show the state of media independence around the world. It’s not a pretty picture.

The following countries may be moving toward important changes in their press freedom conditions—for better or worse—in the coming year.

Poland, Turkey, Ethiopia, and Serbia were among the countries with the largest and most significant declines in the past year.

luis almagro

Freedom House honors the secretary general of the Organization of American States for his work on behalf of Venezuela’s political prisoners and their families.

Credit: Euranet Plus (Flickr)

Gender-based threats and abuse online have forced some women journalists to reduce their social media presence or even quit the profession.

hugo chavez

Hugo Chávez , the 64th President of Venezuela. 

No one should expect illiberal leaders to be satisfied with only a partial accumulation of power.

Patrice Talon, President of Benin

A president who tried to limit himself to one term, but whose economic reforms have proven unpopular