Freedom at Issue:

Insights on the global struggle for democracy

Margaret Marshall

A variety of organizations are planning activities for the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia, even in countries where the LGBT community is effectively criminalized.

Bret Nelson

Rather than simply reassuring and rearming the Persian Gulf monarchies, the United States should press them to overhaul their autocratic and ultimately unstable political systems.

Vukasin Petrovic

The U.S. government can strengthen its support for human rights in Ethiopia without sacrificing its security interests in the region.

Paul Graham

Last month’s attacks in South Africa have forced the government to address the problem of xenophobia and led to rare regional pressure on a domestic human rights issue.

Different degrees of political fragmentation in Syria, Lebanon, and Palestine have had a variety of effects on conditions for the media—most of them negative.  

Arch Puddington

The EU must create mechanisms to uphold media freedom in member states and stand firm against external adversaries of independent journalism. 

Below are a few of the 2015 May Day demonstrations that have been held—or suppressed by authoritarian gove

Conditions for the media grew worse in most parts of the world last year, but it is important to remember that each region was falling from a very different height.
Yoseph Badwaza

The ruling party’s thorough manipulation of state institutions and suppression of dissent have ensured that Ethiopia’s May 24 elections will be an uncompetitive formality. 

Edgar Lungu’s first 90 days in office have frustrated hopes that he would put the country back on the path to democratic reform.