Freedom at Issue:

Insights on the global struggle for democracy

Mark P. Lagon

Beijing’s repression of the Uyghur population reveals larger truths about China, and has policy implications for the United States. 

Emergency crowdfunding campaigns in Russia and Belarus have rescued some civic groups faced with crippling fines, but regular and sustained donations remain rare. 

Daniel Calingaert

The race is on. While the next U.S. presidential election is still 18 months away, candidates have begun to launch their campaigns.

Freedom House interviews Venezuelan political cartoonist Rayma Suprani, who was fired by El Universal for satirizing the Venezuelan government. 

Freedom at Issue highlights those who have contributed to the promotion or strengthening of democracy, and those who have set back the cause of freedom.

The diplomatic thaw between Belarus and the West strengthens the regime of Alyaksandr Lukashenka, not the sovereignty or rights of the Belarusian people.

Freedom House interviewed Xavier Bonilla—a cartoonist known by the pen name Bonil who has come under attack from the government of Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa.

Arch Puddington

Azerbaijan’s friendly diplomatic façade cannot hide its growing domestic repression, and should not deter U.S. demands for the freedom of jailed journalists like Khadija Ismayilova. 

Tyler Roylance

The recent death of founding Singaporean prime minister Lee Kuan Yew has drawn fresh attention to the debate about the ability of authoritarian governments to deliver economic development.

Alyssa Rickard

This week’s conviction of Karim Wade, the son of Senegal’s former president, bucks a recent trend favoring impunity for political elites in sub-Saharan Africa.