China Media Bulletin

A monthly update of press freedom news and analysis related to China

The China Media Bulletin is a monthly news digest and succinct analysis focusing on traditional media and internet freedom issues related to the People's Republic of China. Drawing on both English and Chinese-language sources, the China Media Bulletin includes sections that examine key broadcast and print media, as well as new media and technology developments. The review also covers the main media freedom developments in Tibet and Xinjiang, as well as in Hong Kong. It also tracks the Chinese government's growing engagement in censorship, propaganda, and media investments beyond China’s borders, including in the United States, Africa, Latin America, and Europe.




  • 本月圖片:釋放律師
  • 特寫: 北京對維權律師的打壓如何影響媒體自由
  • 官方媒體催大股市泡沫,網民幽默回應股市暴跌
  • 對中國領導人北戴河秘密會議的報道暗示黨內鬥爭
  • 擬議中的網絡安全法旨在鉗緊互聯網控制
  • 公安人員將進駐主要互聯網公司
  • 中國之外:好萊塢、流行歌星、和熱氣球
  • 未來看點


  • Feature: How Beijing’s Crackdown on Lawyers Affects Media Freedom
  • State media drive market bubble, netizens react to crash with humor
  • Coverage of secretive leadership conclave hints at party infighting
  • Draft cybersecurity law to tighten internet controls
  • Public security agents to be assigned to major internet firms
  • Beyond China: Hollywood, pop stars, and hot air balloons
  • What to Watch For


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