China Media Bulletin

A monthly update of press freedom news and analysis related to China

Freedom House’s monthly China Media Bulletin provides unique insight on censorship, media freedom, and internet freedom issues related to the People’s Republic of China. Drawing on both English and Chinese-language sources, each issue includes:

  • A feature article offering analysis on a major development or emerging trend
  • A photo that was circulated widely in China—but then censored
  • Succinct summaries of important news related to print journalism, broadcast media, internet censorship, netizen activism, and upcoming legislation
  • A “Beyond China” section tracking the Chinese government’s growing engagement in censorship, propaganda, and media investments around the world
  • A “What to Watch For” section flagging upcoming events and potential trends

Since its inception in 2010, the China Media Bulletin has informed tens of thousands of readers in over 40 countries—including journalists, policymakers, scholars, business executives, and interested citizens.

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  • 特寫:奧習協議不會解決中國對網絡安全的威脅
  • 紙媒 / 廣播: 習近平訪美期間官媒美化領導人形像,淡化雙邊分歧
  • 紙媒 / 新媒體: 審查者快速壓制與廣西爆炸事件相關的新聞報道和網絡發帖
  • 紙媒 / 新媒體: 政府近期的讓步掩蓋仍在進行的打壓
  • 香港:自由派法律學者升職被阻,引發對學術自由的擔心
  • 中國之外:聯合國恐嚇,泰國防火牆,緬甸抓捕
  • 未來看點
  • 特寫:習近平訪美應成放松經濟信息管控契機
  • 在對天津爆炸的報道中,調查報道和微信發帖占據主導
  • 閱兵激發威嚴感、愛國主義情緒和審查
  • 谷歌試圖為中國建立經過審查的應用軟件商店
  • 香港:報紙編輯的攻擊者被定罪,雨傘運動學生領袖受到檢控
  • 中國之外:邦喬維, GitHub遭受攻擊,以及維人記者的兄弟們
  • 未來看點


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