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A monthly update of press freedom news and analysis related to China

Freedom House’s monthly China Media Bulletin provides unique insight on censorship, media freedom, and internet freedom issues related to the People’s Republic of China. Drawing on both English and Chinese-language sources, each issue includes:

  • A feature article offering analysis on a major development or emerging trend
  • A photo that was circulated widely in China—but then censored
  • Succinct summaries of important news related to print journalism, broadcast media, internet censorship, netizen activism, and upcoming legislation
  • A “Beyond China” section tracking the Chinese government’s growing engagement in censorship, propaganda, and media investments around the world
  • A “What to Watch For” section flagging upcoming events and potential trends

Since its inception in 2010, the China Media Bulletin has informed tens of thousands of readers in over 40 countries—including journalists, policymakers, scholars, business executives, and interested citizens.

The Most Censored Meme of 2015
This image of Winnie the Pooh in a toy car—a spoof on photos of President Xi Jinping inspecting troops during a military parade—emerged as the most censored post of 2015 on the Chinese microblogging platform Sina Weibo. It was shared over 65,000 times within just 70 minutes before being deleted by censors. Credit: Weiboscope /The Nanfang.


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  • 特写:习近平进一步钳紧媒体是一场赌博
  • 广播 /纸媒:习近平视察旗舰国家媒体,阐述党管媒体的愿景
  • 新媒体:习近平讲话后,社交媒体敢言的评论者遭到集体清洗
  • 广播 / 新媒体:又一个人‘电视认罪’, 对网络活动人士的惩罚
  • 广播 / 新媒体:对电视节目、网络剧进行没有先例的限制
  • 中国之外:泰国难民,孟加拉展览,美国制裁
  • 未来看点
  • Another televised ‘confession,’ penalties for online activists
  • Xi Jinping visits flagship state media, lays out vision for party control
  • Outspoken social-media commentators purged after Xi speech
  • Another televised ‘confession,’ penalties for online activists
  • Unprecedented restrictions imposed on TV programs, online streaming
  • Beyond China: Thailand refugees, Bangladesh exhibit, U.S. sanctions
  • What to Watch For
  • 對中國政治犯的家人來說,這是一個陰影籠罩下的春節
  • 中文媒體不知如何報導臺灣歷史性選舉
  • 瑞典NGO工作者和台湾歌星录像“道歉”
  • 流行網路電視系列被下線,互聯網錄影受到新一輪打壓
  • 跨境綁架書商引發抗議和自我審查
  • 好萊塢收購,天安門圖片出售,駭客攻擊少數民族
  • 未來看點
  • 对中国政治犯的家人来说,这是一个阴影笼罩下的春节
  • 中文媒体不知如何报导台湾历史性选举
  • 瑞典NGO工作者和台湾歌星录像“道歉”
  • 流行网络电视系列被下线,互联网录像受到新一轮打压
  • 跨境绑架书商引发抗议和自我审查
  • 好莱坞收购,天安门图片出售,黑客攻击少数民族
  • 未来看点


  • Feature: For Families of Political Prisoners, a Shadow Hangs over Chinese New Year
  • Chinese media struggle to cover historic Taiwan elections
  • Popular online TV series deleted in new crackdown on internet video
  • Hong Kong: Cross-border abductions of booksellers prompt protests, self-censorship
  • Beyond China: Hollywood acquisition, Tiananmen photo sale, hacker attacks on minorities
  • What to Watch For
  • 特写:2015年中国受审查最严重的新闻话题
  • 纸媒 / 新媒体: 商业化调查报道衰落,国家出资的数字媒体增长
  • 纸媒 / 新媒体: 羁押记者、电视认罪均达新高
  • 纸媒 / 新媒体: 新的法律条款将党的领导地位法律化,加重对异见的惩罚
  • 新媒体:  2015年中国网络重大新闻
  • 中国之外: “网络主权”,大炮,意外的让步
  • 看点


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