Freedom House Legislative Fellows Program

Promoting Citizen Participation in the Legislative Process
Hosting Opportunities for DC Residents and Families

Freedom House is looking for volunteers to host international visitors from Turkey! The Freedom House Legislative Fellows Program brings legislative and civil society professionals from Turkey to Washington, DC so they can have a chance to see the U.S. legislative process up close and learn how to improve citizen participation in Turkey. These wonderful young men and women need homes to stay in for two weeks while they work at their fellowship offices. Freedom House is looking for volunteers to share your culture and hospitality with Turkey’s next generation of leaders and make lifelong friends from across the Atlantic.  

Who Can Host?

Hosting opportunities are open to families of all sizes, even individuals and families without children at home. Host families can live in any location with public transportation access to Washington, DC and come from varying backgrounds. The most important criteria is that the hosts treat the visitor like a member of their own family, providing them with an opportunity to learn about the American way of life, plus share his or her culture as well.

What is required of a Host Family?

Hosts should be able to provide for a separate bed, internet access, and a safe and welcoming environment for the visitor. Hosts are NOT required to provide food and transportation. The visitors pay for their own food with a daily stipend and can find their way around on their own via public transport. The visitors are professionals who are neat and well behaved, and would be hugely appreciative of the opportunity to live with an American family.

How Long Will We Host Our Visitor?

Hosting opportunities typically last for two weeks, but can vary depending on the needs of the host family and visitor.

How Do Host Families Benefit?

Hosting an exchange visitor is a rewarding experience for your whole family. You’ll learn about another culture and language — without leaving home. You’ll start a life-long relationship with and when your visitor returns home you’ll have a special friend in another country. If you have children, they’ll gain a broader perspective on the world, learning more about geography, communication and international cultures.

You’ll also be supporting the next generation of leaders in Turkey – men and women who want to improve opportunities for persons from all walks of life to participate in Turkey’s democratic processes.

How Do I Apply to Host a Visitor?

Interested persons should contact the Legislative Fellows Program Coordinator at [email protected] for more information.