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Nearly thirty Angolans were arrested, imprisoned and are being held incommunicado following a September 3 demonstration of more than 200 people calling on President Jose Eduardo dos Santos to resign. Organizers mobilized participants beforehand by sharing a “call to action” video on YouTube. A number of journalists, including Voice of America (VOA) reporter Alexander Neto were beaten in an attempt to prevent media coverage of the demonstration, along with citizens. Demonstrators allege police brutality, yet police blame demonstrators for the violence. President Dos Santos’ party, the People's Movement for the Liberation of Angola - Labour Party (MPLA), is expected to win general elections next year.

Freedom House is extremely disappointed by the decision of the United Nations General Assembly to elect conspicuously unqualified candidates-including Libya

Two UN watchdog organizations today urged the United Nations General Assembly to reject five candidates for the United Nations Human Rights Council- Libya, as well as Angola, Malaysia, Mauritania, and Qatar.


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Freedom in Sub-Saharan Africa 2007

Freedom House released an analysis of democracy in sub-Saharan Africa showing that the region has experienced notable increases in freedom over the past generation, although more setbacks than gains were seen in 2006.


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