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With Azerbaijan’s parliamentary elections just around the corner, nine leading media freedom organizations travelled to Baku in solidarity with local advocates concerned about the freedom of expression environment.

Freedom House today joins ten organizations from the International Partnership Group for Azerbaijan on a three-day mission to Baku, Azerbaijan

The sentencing of two Azerbaijani bloggers to prison yesterday in a markedly non-transparent legal process is deeply disturbing, Freedom House said today, adding that the decision to silence the bloggers strikes a blow against the nascent success of new media in Azerbaijan.

Freedom House urges Azerbaijani authorities to drop all charges against two young bloggers arrested shortly after posting a satirical video on YouTube showing a donkey giving a press conference.



Director, Europe and Eurasia programs

Marc Behrendt is the Director for Europe and Eurasia programs at Freedom House, with over 20 years of experience working in the Eurasia region in peacebuilding, governance and human rights.


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Promise and Reversal: The Post-Soviet Landscape Twenty Years On

“Promise and Reversal: The Post-Soviet Landscape Twenty Years On,” marks the 20th anniversary of the failed Soviet coup of August 19, 1991. The retrospective essay examines the changes in the political rights and civil liberties in the former Soviet Union over the last two decades, as well as includes graphs and rankings that illustrate the region's performance in the annual Freedom House publications Freedom in the World and Freedom of the Press. The report  concludes that there is a serious and disturbing failure to embrace democratic institutions in most of the post-Soviet region.


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