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Freedom House strongly condemns today’s attack on protesters in Bahrain and calls on the government to refrain from violence against peaceful demonstrators

As demonstrators have taken to the streets today in Iran and Bahrain to demand greater freedom, Freedom House calls on authorities in the two countries, as well as leaders in the remainder of the region, to respect citizens’ universally protected right to peaceful freedom of assembly and to refrain from the further use of violence against demonstrators.

Freedom House is deeply concerned about the ongoing crackdown against human rights activists, political opposition, and religious minorities

Despite continuing resistance from religious and cultural elites, women in the Middle East and North Africa have made modest progress in achieving certain rights over the past five years. While women in the region suffer from greater inequality than do women elsewhere, they now enjoy more economic opportunity, fewer barriers to education, and expanded ability to participate in the political process than they did five years ago. These are the conclusions of Women’s Rights in the Middle East and North Africa: Progress Amid Resistance, a new study released today by Freedom House.


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Evaluation of 2008-2011 UN Human Rights Council Candidates

On May 21, 2008, the UN General Assembly will elect 15 new Human Rights Council members. Twenty countries are candidates. Freedom House and UN Watch evaluated each candidate’s suitability for election to the Human Rights Council by examining its record of human rights protection at home and its record of human rights promotion at the UN.


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