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bangladeshi blogger niloy neel Niladri Chaterjee

Freedom House strongly condemns the targeted murder of Bangladeshi blogger Niloy Neel.

Freedom House condemns the murder of blogger Ananta Bijoy Dasnot only because of the loss of life but because the attack also targets free expression,

On April 10, more than 200 guests filled the Hillyer Art Space for Freedom House’s Third Annual Photography and Art Auction fundraiser.

Senior Program Associate, International Religious Freedom
Senior Program Associate, Internet Freedom

According to a 2012 Win-Gallup poll of some 50,000 individuals from 57 countries, 36 percent of respondents classified their religious identity as “Atheist” or “Non-Religious.” The result indicated a shift of 12 percentage points from “Religious” to the other two categories since 2005, when the poll was last conducted. However, the interests of nonbelievers are still frequently ignored in discussions of religious freedom and persecution around the world.


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